Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trying to add a card. Let's see how this goes!


  1. Ava, i found you posted that you would like to do the CCC on memory box cute...
    Ava, my name is Ava G.
    So how many Ava's do you know our age? wink wink... Congrat's on starting a blog, let me tell you, I still remember the day i tried. I had to get a friend to start one for me, cuz I had no ideal how to do it...... so, Ava, after about a year you will get it all together. I wish i could say the 1st yr was a joy for me, NOT!!!! all the best.......smiling here

  2. Yeay! You did it! It gets easier with time. I believe you can do it, Ava!!!