Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting ready for Mother's Day

 I just returned from Florida and was there with my family to celebrate my mom's 90th birthday. Wow. That's quite a milestone! It got me thinking about how I would acknowledge Mother's Day, which will be here before you know it. Work is going to start getting busy so I thought I'd make the card now while things were quiet. The bow is slightly too large for the card but I just love the ribbon and wanted to use it and I know mom will like it. I hope you have a great day!
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  1. Ava, this is very pretty! Your Mom will LOVE it!I like your color combination.

  2. Ava girl!!!!!!!! you have a blog! Congrats! I am going to follow you now! I am glad to see you are finding another outlet for your amazing creativity.....I am so happy that you are on blogger as I hardly ever am on Flickr and so don't get to see your lovely cards so much. YOu did a great job with this card for your mom....the colors are so Spring-y....your mom will love it.... here is my blog....come and visit ;-D